Welcome To Khulna BNSB Eye Hospital

Khulna BNSB Eye Hospital, a non-govt., non-profiting voluntary organization established in the year 1976 with a view to contribute to the national blindness prevention program as cataract blindness considered to be the major cause of blindness worldwide as well as in Bangladesh. In a developing country like ours it was beyond capacity to combat the situation by the government alone . Realizing the depth of the situation a group of kindhearted people came forward to set up an organization in the name & style, Khulna BNSB Eye Hospital with a view to supplement the government efforts as well as serving the needy poor people to preserve their sight.

Type of Organization : This is a registered Trust organization, also registered with the Social Welfare Department and NGO Affairs Bureau of the Govt. of Bangladesh.

Location : We are located at Khulna, the southwestern district of Bangladesh


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